SURVIVOR: Arren Flocchini with a two-month-old African Boer Goat kid like the one which was
SURVIVOR: Arren Flocchini with a two-month-old African Boer Goat kid like the one which was "torn apart” by a collared dog yesterday morning on his Toogoom property. Alistair Brightman

Family pet goats slaughtered by roaming dog

AFTER Arren Flocchini heard the cry of his two-month-old goat early yesterday morning, he couldn't get to the back of his Toogoom property quick enough to save it's life.

Four of the 80-acre hobby farm's flock of 40 goats were savagely slaughtered by a dog "wearing a big collar" between 5am and 6.15am this morning.

"It's devastating obviously," Mr Flocchini told the Chronicle.

"I noticed the goats weren't doing their usual morning routine and were all up against a fence fearfully with their heads looking about.

"That's when I heard the cry on the wind and when I got there I saw the dog running away from the corpses."

Two three-year-old mothers and a pair of two-month-old kids were "ripped apart" - a devastating attack which Mr Flocchini estimates cost him up to $300.

"We originally got the goats to eat some of the shrubbery and clear the land," he said.

"From there it turned into a little business.

"They are our pets as well as our livelihood.

"I have overheads to pay for but it's more about taking care of the innocent babies."

Mr Flocchini described the dog as resembling a Rhodesian Ridgeback with a light brown coast and a white chest.

He urged community members of the Toogoom and Craignish areas to keep and eye on their pets particularly if they came home bloody yesterday morning.

"The dog is a dog and you can't blame it for its nature but at the end of the day the owner has a responsibility, just like I do, to keep their animals safe and contained," he said.

"I can't change what has happened but I have to protect the defenceless goats.

"I have my gun licence and I always try and shoo the animals away without hurting them but you have to do what you have to do."

Mr Flocchini said he had trouble with foxes in the past preying on newborns and had a fox-proof pen to deal with such situations

"Once they get to about three months they are too big for the foxes," he said.

"I have checked all the fences and I always replace them but I can't find how the dog got in.

"I will be up during the night to check on them ."