Too early to tell if Gladstone will be a port for uranium

URANIUM mining in Queensland may have only been brought before the state cabinet on Monday, but that hasn't stopped Premier Campbell Newman's can-do attitude on the issue.

When asked where Gladstone fell into the uranium import and exportation equation, Mr Newman made it clear that no decision had been made.

"Let's be very clear. Firstly, there is no decision on anything in relation to the logistics and port arrangements for uranium mining in Queensland," Mr Newman said.

"It could, for example, go through the port of Darwin ...of course I'd love to go through the Queensland ports, but we'll see what happens."

In the next two weeks the Premier will announce an advisory committee to assist cabinet on how to address the uranium issue.

The Australian Uranium Association told the Brisbane Times yesterday it would take seven years for uranium prices to recover enough to make a uranium company viable from its Queensland resources.

The industry lobby group said they did not see a uranium plant operating in Queensland for a minimum of five years.

AUA communications director Simon Clarke said uranium was already being sold from existing mines in other states.

"But the estimate of the price that would make it viable to build new mines suggest that the market will be ready for new mine capacity in some time from five to seven years," he said.

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