Tony Abbott labelled Bill Shorten as "cocky"

PRIME Minister Tony Abbott has labelled Opposition Leader Bill Shorten "cocky", after he said the nation's leader would be a "one-term" PM.

Mr Abbott made the comment while in Europe leading high-level meetings for the G20 in Davos, Switzerland.

His comment followed Mr Shorten on Tuesday saying the Prime Minister would only sit for one term, despite Labor's slow recovery from the last six years of infighting.

It comes as Mr Shorten spends his week in Brisbane, leading the campaign for local Labor candidate Terri Butler to reclaim Kevin Rudd's seat of Griffith for the party.

Mr Shorten on Wednesday officially launched the campaign, hitting out at what he called an absence of Mr Abbott and premier Campbell Newman from the hustings.

He said while it was clearly a local campaign, there was no avoiding the fact it was being on national issues, pointing to an LNP how-to-vote card which had no picture of either Mr Abbott of Mr Newman.

But Mr Abbott is tipped to head to Griffith later this week to support LNP candidate Dr Bill Glasson in his second run for the seat.