Opposition Leader Tony Abbott
Opposition Leader Tony Abbott Vicki Wood

Abbott claims policy will reverse 'rising unemployment'

UNEMPLOYED Australians could be paid up to $9000 to move to regional areas for work under a Coalition government jobs plan released on Tuesday.

The uncosted policy would give unemployed Australians $6000 to move from major cities to regional areas, with an extra $3000 for those with families.

But it would also give Australians $3000 to move from regional areas to capital cities for work.

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott released details of the policy which he said would reverse the "rising unemployment" under the current government.

He said he saw the cash payments "not as a handout, but as a hand-up" for the long-term unemployed.

The policy also aims to get more young people in work, by paying them $4000 if they hold down a job and stay off welfare for 24 months straight.

It will also give those Australians, aged 18 to 30, a bonus $2500 to hold down a job for a year, providing a total of $6500 of taxpayer funds to young unemployed people.

While the policy said it would cost only $75 million to implement, if only half of the 60,000 unemployed young Australians took advantage of the scheme, the government would face a bill of $1.95 billion.

The relocation payments would only be available for those who have been on Newstart or the Youth Allowance for more than a year.