DEDICATED: Sione Tongia plays for the Capras.
DEDICATED: Sione Tongia plays for the Capras. Christopher Chan GLAMALE

Monday Male Tongia loves league regime with Capras

RUBGY league player Sione Tongia is setting his sights on a long-term career.

"I guess what I love about playing footy is you're playing against professional players and it's competitive," he said.

"And it's tough. I don't mind a bit of toughness."

The 25-year-old is originally from Auckland, New Zealand, and moved to Gladstone from Sydney to represent the central Queensland team the Capras.

Dedication sees him travel to Rockhampton three days a week for training and he played at the weekend in Gladstone.

"It's a bit different here from where I'm from - big cities," he said.

"I kind of like it. It's small and you get along with a lot of people."