FILE PHOTO. Sarah Barnham

Tomahawk wielding teens run rampant on Gladstone streets

A LARGE group of teenagers, including one allegedly carrying a tomahawk and wearing a clown mask, were spotted causing a disturbance near the South Gladstone railway station last night.

Gladstone Police were called out to the Toolooa St railway station at approximately 10:30pm last night after receiving reports of approximately 20 youths loitering around the area.

There were reports that a fight had also broken out in the area amongst the group.

Three young teenagers were seen fleeing the railway station, with at least one member of the group allegedly seen wearing a clown mask and wielding an axe or tomahawk.

Police conducted patrols in the area and were informed that at least two of the teenagers had run into an address at nearby Off Lane after seeing a patrol vehicle.

Senior Sergeant Jim Vogler of Gladstone Police said the station received a report of a disturbance involving a large amount of people.

"The original call we received was there was about 20 people causing a disturbance at the railway station and apparently there was a fight there," Sgt Vogler said.

"Just bored kids running amok."

From there, the same group were spotted at the Valley shopping centre pushing trolleys around in front of Woolworths and screaming at each other.

Sgt Vogler said no one was charged and no offences were detected.