Toddler hospitalised after stumbling on hot coals

A TODDLER has sustained burns after stumbling across hot coals from an extinguished fire in Kilcoy last night.

Queensland Ambulance Service paramedics attended the burns incident off Kennedy St at 7.37pm on December 31.

Paramedics reported the boy sustained burns to his feet and lower legs and was transported in a stable condition to Kilcoy Hospital.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services urges anyone using a campfire to never leave it unattended.

"More than 90 per cent of burns caused by outdoor fires are as a result of contact with coals rather than flames," a QFES spokesman said.

"Any campfire left unattended for any period of time should be extinguished by a bucket of water."

QFES advised as little as one second of contact with a campfire 70 degrees or hotter will cause a significant burn.