Toadbusting suits the squeamish

CONSERVATION Volunteers Australia (CVA) has declared war on those warty pests - cane toads.

The group has begun its annual toadbusting campaign with the new season officially beginning on November 22.

Toadbusters of all ages are being sought to get the hop on the new season, which is looking to rid the community of its cane toad plague.

Target toadbusting sites are Reg Tanna and Beaumont parks in Gladstone. Other local waterways are visited during the campaign.

Toadbusters is managed by CVA and funded by Gladstone Regional Council.

The program began in 2001 and has become a huge hit with friends and families across the Gladstone region.

CVA volunteer engagement officer Tracey French said squeamish people make the best toad spotters, toad counters and bag holders.

Ms French said participants wear long-sleeved shirts, long trousers, sturdy footwear and gloves to protect themselves from mosquitoes and to avoid direct contact with the toads.

She said CVA supplied bags, a torch, toad counter, protective glasses and latex gloves although regular volunteers often prefer to bring their own torches and gloves.

"One hour safely exploring local waterways makes a real difference to the environment," Ms French said.

To become a toadbuster, phone CVA on 49724969.