GET READY: Toad Busters will be out in force tomorrow night.
GET READY: Toad Busters will be out in force tomorrow night.

Toad busters - final night tomorrow night

After Toad Buster events in Gladstone, killed toads aren't wasted, instead they're turned into mulch at the Tondoon Botanic Gardens.

Linda Fahle regional manager of of Conservation Volunteers Australia runs the toad busting program in collaboration with Gladstone Regional Council.

She said the idea of mulching the toads occurred to her earlier this year.

"I just wanted somewhere to bury them, " she said.

"I asked council and (they said) bring them over.

The toads have been composted down, buried "nice and deep' and covered with hay and or leaf matter to help them break down.

"It improves the soil; any organic matter (does) and the bacteria in the soil neutralises (the poison),” Ms Fahle said.

It's little wonder she was so concerned about the disposal of toads.

Since December last year, 4423 toads have been caught at Gladstone Toad Buster events.

Cane toad captured by Gladstone Toad Busters.
PEST: Cane toads were introduced to Queensland in 1935 as it was thought they would control the cane beetle.

1048 toads were caught last week alone at the Toad Buster event in the botanic gardens.

"When you do the maths, that's a lot of toads that we are stopping,” Ms Fahle said.

"It makes a really big difference, toads can breed three times during the year, and a female can lay 30000 eggs at a time.

Anyone who has spent time on a farm in Queensland would be familiar with the swarms of black tadpoles which appear in farm dams and creeks.

Tadpole trap used to catch cane toad tadpoles and developed by researchers at University of Queensland
EFFECTIVE: Tadpole trap used to catch cane toad tadpoles and developed by researchers.

CVA is onto this problem too, in cooperation with local landholders.

Revolutionary toad traps invented by researchers at The University of Queensland and The University of Sydney have been used for the first time this toad season by CVA.

The traps, which Ms Fahle described as little storage tubes with a funnel each, end attract cane toad tadpoles.

CVA has been trialling them in cooperation with private landholders and have 13 traps installed on different properties throughout the region.

Ms Fahle said they didn't have the final results yet regarding the traps' success but would know in the next couple of weeks.

CVA has traps available free of charge plus information packs for anyone wanting to try trapping tadpoles on their own property.


Where: Reg Tanna Park- Glenlyon Road Gladstone.

When : Tomorrow night 5-8pm. Barbecue starts around 5pm.

What's happening: Barbecue followed by toad busting.

Want to trap them? Contact CVA on 0418630 503 or go to the CVA office at 11/120 Goondoon St.