Kitchens, bathrooms and laundries are hot spots for cockroaches
Kitchens, bathrooms and laundries are hot spots for cockroaches

Tips to ensure your house isn’t overrun by roaches

IF you've noticed more cockroaches around your home lately, you're not alone.

Control Pest Management Clinton owner-operator Ben Williams said there has been an increase in cockroach activity.

"Traditionally this time of year we see an increase," Mr Williams said.

"And because it is so dry, they're chasing moisture in hot spots like the kitchen, laundry and bathroom."

He said while more cockroaches are being found in homes and businesses, overall there is reduced insect activity.

"It has been so dry it's caused a reduction in a lot of pest activity," he said.

There are four main types of cockroach in the region - American, Australian, German and Oriental.

Mr Williams said they lived for up to 12 months but bred quickly.

Cockroaches lay their eggs in crevices around the home, laying 15-30 at a time.

He said the best way to find out if your house had the unwanted guests was to turn kitchen or bathroom lights on in the middle of the night and see what was ducking for cover.

"If you see one, you could easily multiply that by 10."

Yearly pest treatments are recommended as pest control experts like Mr Williams "know the places they'll be harbouring".

"You may not think you've got too many cockroaches but once we put products in, it's amazing to see what comes out," he said.

Having cockroaches in the home could pose health risks for residents.

"They can cause food poisoning," he said.

"If you've ever had gastro and you're not too sure why, there's a chance it may have come from a cockroach walking over your toothbrush, eating utensils or even your food."

He said cockroaches had a varied diet and would eat paper and book bindings.