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Local history buff, Paulette Flint Christine McKee

Times Gone By: Marching girls perform

1959: Friends Pty Ltd, department store, offered "Fish Foods for Lent” in their issue of the Gladstone Observer.

Included were: Fresh herrings at 2.1 per tin; herrings in sauce 2/1; kippered herrings 3/9; Norwegian sardines 1/1; fish pastes: 8d; 2/3; 1/9; 6d; 7d; Madam smoked oysters: 2/10; Horseshoe salmon: 11/- per tin; fresh reef fish (as available); coral trout 4/9 per pound; sweet lip 4/3 per pound; red emperor 4/9 per pound; mushroom soup: 2/9 per tin; chicken soup 2/8 per tin; asparagus: Edgells cuts 2/5 per tin; spears 4/3.

(To convert to decimal currency, remove the slash - although not exact, this is the approximate price in cents - eg 1/1 equals 11 cents.)

There were spectators aplenty on Saturday morning to witness the street march by the Dewintenettes Marching girls' team.

Led by Miss J. Hatton, to the accompaniment of Gladstone's Municipal Band drummers, the girls looked particularly smart in their new uniforms.

Gold linen jackets trimmed with emerald green cord and green buttons, topping a finely pleated skirt of emerald green satin, matching caps and white marching boots.

This team was formed in June 1958, and practises twice a week and Saturday morning optional, to commence, and now increases to three times weekly, with Saturday morning optional.

The hockey grounds are now being used for practice.

The team's instructor is Jack Hoddinott.

The Dewintenettes are entered for the Australian Championships being held at Easter in Brisbane, but participation will depend on whether sufficient finance is raised.

When the team travels away they are accompanied by a chaperone, who is Mrs Hatton.