A "time traveller", called Edward, claims to have come from the year 5000. Picture: APEXTV

‘Time traveller’ shares chilling warning

ANOTHER person has come forward to claim they have time-travelled - and they say they have chilling proof of the future of humanity.

The man, known only as Edward, gave a secretive interview where he showed a photograph of an underwater city he claims to be from the year 5000, reports The Sun.
A video posted on ApexTV shows Edward describing what led him to time travel, as he sits in what is thought to be an Armenian park.

His face is hidden and his voice distorted as he claims he was part of a top secret experiment in 2004.

This is what gave him the chance to travel through time, he says.

During his admission he pulls out a photo from his jacket and says it was taken 3000 years in the future.

Edward holds a photo that he says shows LA underwater in the year 5000. Picture: APEXTV
Edward holds a photo that he says shows LA underwater in the year 5000. Picture: APEXTV

It apparently shows Los Angeles deep under water.

He says: "I will tell you a story which will amaze you and you will be astonished."

He was working in LA in a laboratory when he says he was offered an assignment to go to the future and take pictures.

He said: "I appeared to place. It was unbelievable.

"I was standing on a huge wooden platform. Not only me, houses, building of course all made from wood

"And after, I realised it was the same city, Los Angeles, but under water."

He said he spoke with people who live there who told him the flood happened due to global warming.

The world dropped under the water, he claims, after the ice caps melted.

A "time traveller", called Edward, tells his amazing story. Picture: APEXTV

Last week a man who claimed he's from the year 2030 apparently passed a lie-detector test - and made a series of startling predictions for humanity.

The self-styled time-traveller, who calls himself Noah, begged to stay anonymous claiming he could be assassinated for revealing what the future holds.

And another man claimed he travelled to 2118 in the 1980s - and said he took a photograph while he was there to prove it.

Alexander Smith told how he made frequent trips back and forth in time as part of a "top secret" CIA mission in 1981.

The snap he claims to have shot while "visiting" 2118 appears to be of a futuristic city.

Also speaking to Apex TV, Alexander said he was putting his life at risk by revealing details of his so-called jaunts to the future.

This story first appeared in The Sun.