Time to talk about suicide, take stand on R U Ok Day

THIS week is an important week to speak out about depression and suicide.

Suicide is something that used to be a taboo topic, something to tread carefully around.

But I think times have changed.

At the start of the year I lost someone very close to me to suicide.

He was my boyfriend and we had been together for more than two years.

It wasn't until after Cam's passing that I realised how a small community really does come together during tough times.

The amount of support shown by our families and close friends was amazing.

This Tuesday, at the National Suicide Prevention Day ceremony, I encourage everyone who has been affected by suicide to come along and pay their respects.

But I understand that probably won't be the case.

If you can't make it on Tuesday, take a stand on R U Ok Day on Thursday.

You never know, asking just one person if they are ok could make a difference.

Cam, I would be honoured to place your name on that tribute board.

Sometimes the best thing to do is face the reality and take these opportunities to show I am thankful to have known you so well.