Time to shake off that holiday sluggishness

CHRISTMAS and new year are times to celebrate, and indulge.

We shouldn't feel bad about having rich food, or a few extra drinks during the holidays.

For most it's the time to relax, take time off work and, most importantly, connect with family.

But I think most of us are now feeling the effects of all that merriment in the form of post-Christmas sluggishness.

Even if you aren't interested in making new year's resolutions - I prefer to set long-term goals for the year with monthly milestones to track my progress - January is still a great time to refocus on your health and happiness. Those are the subjects of the two big reads in this first edition of Weekend for 2016.

Astrologer Patsy Bennett breaks down her ultimate guide to happiness for the year ahead based on your Moon's North Node (I didn't even know I had a North Node).

Even if you don't read much into your horoscope, a daily affirmation doesn't hurt.

Vitality coach Nikki Fogden-Moore also helps you get your fitness mojo back through realistic goals and small, daily changes rather than the mistake many of us make - going hard at weight-loss goals for a month or two before slipping back into our old ways.

Healthy food options from our Easy Eating contributors, ranging from salads to a hearty breakfast bowl and tasty yet nutritious raw lemon bars, will also help you get back into good eating habits.

Summer is a time to feel energetic and fresh and our experts have the tools and tips to help you spring into the new year.