NO EXCUSES: School zones are back.
NO EXCUSES: School zones are back. Sean Teuma

Time to get schooled on speed limit zones

IT'S that time of year again - when teachers wince and parents rejoice. Holidays are over and students are back to school.

It also means 40kmh school zones are back in force and there's a surge in the number of cars on the road.

These extra cars may frustrate motorists but not my local lollipop man. You can tell by chatting to him just how much he loves helping schoolchildren safely cross the road every day.

But his job isn't without risk - he often talks about his near-misses, when drivers have sped past without stopping. Unbelievably some even yell abuse.

Those who do eventually stop say they're in a rush, or they forgot, or they didn't realise how fast they were going.

But I think it's for another reason.

RACQ figures show there's a growing number of drivers who've admitted to putting their foot down through a school zone because they didn't think they'd get caught.

There's been a 30% jump in the number of drivers using that as an excuse this year compared to last.

School zones aren't there to annoy you - they're there to protect children.

Instead of getting frustrated at the road rules, remember you're helping to keep kids safe.