WATERCOOLER: Do we need the Carmichael Mine, flaws and all?

THE rot has to stop.

Right here.

Right now.

This fight over Adani's Carmichael Mine has already cost this region way too much in lost investment and opportunity.

And yesterday's Federal Court ruling is just another slap in the face for a region which could, in fact, do with a bit of good news.

This was a project that was supposed to yield as many as 9,000 jobs.

The spin-offs were to huge. Whether the project will ever see the light of day now remains to be seen.

Certainly, there is no justification for a development at all cost mentality, and noone in this region would argue against any project - but especially one of this scale - being subjected to the most rigorous of environmental and sustainability checks and balances. But for the federal approval process to be deemed as flawed? That is simply disgraceful.

There are many people in this region for whom this decision represents the snuffing out of that last flicker of hope.

Livelihoods - and lives, in fact - are hanging in the balance. This isn't about do-good super-star non-lawyers crying down the camera about something she knows nothing about. Nor is it about bearded celebrities who think they can draw as emphatic an ovation behind a UN podium as he can from the set of The Great Gatsby. This is not a bloody fairytale. It is real life. With real people. Real hurt. Real hopes dashed. Real livelihoods down the gurgler. Real people committing suicide.

It would be a brave conservation campaigner who would laud their smugness over this win.

Credit where due for uncovering the flaw. But be very careful what you wish for. We are a long way away from being able to sustain a completely coal-free economy.

If the system is flawed, fix it. If there are (reasonable) environmental concerns, address them.

But make it happen; and please, for this region's sake, make it fast.

What do you think? Do you agree? Does the region need Adani's Carmichael Mine, flaws and all? 

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John Ohl: "A frog an a snake stopped a multi billion dollar coal mine, a snail stopped the multi million dollar dam on Dawson river, a lung fish stopped a dam down south Queensland, this is why this country is going backwards, we can't build anything that provides a large numbers of jobs and income for business in Australia."

Roimata Cousins: "....people are quick to slam mining, yet they'd gladly ride it's coat tails for all the benefits the community gets near and far."

Tarah Medcalf: "These 'anti coal' people should start practicing what they preach and live without the benefits that come from mining - HYPOCRISY the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one's own behavior does not conform."

Mary Browne: "Yes we need it. The region is declining rapidly, bankruptciEs are increasing, and Mackay and its situation is forgotten and ignored, certainly not addressed by politicians, local, state and federal. Of course we need it. We need something good to happen."

Russel Soper: "It will get approved, only a minor setback despite what the Greenies will have you believe."

Ross Meinicke: "I don't doubt the mine will happen, I do doubt whether any Australian workers set foot inside the mine and I would gladly live without having to pay the mining tax that Mackay residents end up paying for goods and services."