Time to start building for Baffle Creek Raft Race

IT'S time to start working on your rafts for this year's annual RE/MAX Baffle Creek Raft Race, to be held at Flat Rock Boat Ramp picnic area on Sunday, June 7.

This year there will be a special raft race for the kids.

The race day offers fun for the whole family, with food on offer all day and raffles with great prizes.

Baffle Beer and more will be available to try at the Boat Shed Bar.

All events are free to enter, and include canoe, kayak and stand up paddle board events, as well as the raft races.

For the adults, events include the 3km Canoe/Kayak Marathon, 2km Stand Up Paddle Board Race, and the design and building of rafts for the RE/MAX Raft Race.

There's also the popular Dog's Breakfast Raft Race for those who want to join the fun but haven't been able to make their own raft.

It is run with a pool of equipment from which entrants construct and then race their raft.

For more information visit bafflecreekraftrace.org.au.