Mackay's Tim Pullen, who was killed in April, 2012.
Mackay's Tim Pullen, who was killed in April, 2012. Contributed

Tim Pullen's body 'lost probably forever'

IT WAS the shocking killing that happened before a law change was passed to help grieving families find closure.

But the behaviour of one man involved in Mackay man Timothy Pullen's drug-debt killing has sparked a court battle over the "No Body, No Parole" law.

Stephen Dale Renwick was convicted after pleading guilty to accessory after the fact to manslaughter.

By the time he was eligible for parole, "No Body, No Parole" legislation had passed.

Renwick did not reveal Mr Pullen's body had been burned until the law came into effect.

He was refused parole in December.

That refusal was the subject of a judicial review on Monday.

Parole Board barrister Jonathan Horton said Renwick's failure to reveal the "cremation" earlier had damaging consequences.

"The body's been lost ... probably forever."

Mr Horton said the omission meant earlier chances for forensic examination were lost.

He said "a basic moral obligation" existed here and that moral question was relevant for parole decisions.

"It's something somebody should do after conviction, in any event."

But Renwick's barrister Joshua Fenton said the board wrongly disregarded co-operation Renwick gave after the new law passed.

He said this now meant his client would have been "in a better position" if he'd remained silent about the burning.

Mr Fenton also said "pings" from mobile phone towers corroborated a location Renwick already provided for the body.

He said the board wrongly demanded Renwick reveal the location and "specific place" Mr Pullen was buried.

Mr Fenton said the "location and place" were synonymous.

The law demands prisoners jailed in relation to homicides, where a body has not been found, reveal the "location" and "place" where every part of the body or remains may be found.

Justice Peter Flanagan, consulting the Macquarie Dictionary, said "one would have thought location is more general," and "place" more specific.

The judge reserved his decision on Monday.

Mr Pullen was abducted, killed and dumped in bushland in 2012.

Zane Tray Lincoln, Benjamin Francis Graeme Oakley, Nicholas Voorwinden and Kiera Jeanette McKay were jailed for manslaughter.

Luke Shayne Kister was jailed for accessory after the fact to manslaughter. -NewsRegional

* This article has been corrected from an earlier version suggesting Mr Pullen's death inspired the Corrective Services (No Body, No Parole) Amendment Act 2017. The error is regretted.