Tightrope verdict for basher that fractured man's cheekbone

A BRITISH national has dodged serving time behind bars, but will be walking a tightrope for two years, after being handed a suspended sentence for an assault occasioning bodily harm in 2010.

Gavin Wills, 32, was sentenced in Gladstone District Court on Friday, for assaulting Ross Mason on November 21, 2010.

The court heard a night out at Bojangles had shifted to Mr Mason's residence, where Wills decked Mr Mason with a punch to the side of the head as Mr Mason was changing the music that was being played.

Wills then stood over Mr Mason yelling before he punched him twice more in the head, knocking his victim out.

The blows caused bruising to Mr Mason's left eye socket, double vision and left him with a fractured left cheekbone.

The attack left Mr Mason requiring surgery, as well as costing him an estimated $5000 in lost income.

Judge Brendan Butler reiterated the effects a remorseful Wills' actions had taken on the victim.

"What in a few seconds you did when you lashed out has had an impact on this man's life and will continue to have an impact," he said.

Wills was convicted and sentenced to 15 months imprisonment, wholly suspended for two years.

He was ordered to pay $9000 in total to Mr Mason, which included $4100 in medical expenses and $4900 in compensation.

Wills' sentence:

  • Conviction recorded
  • 15 months imprisonment, wholly suspended for two years
  • Ordered to pay $4100 in medical expenses
  • Ordered to pay $4900 in compensation