Yaralla Reds player Josh Oates in action.
Yaralla Reds player Josh Oates in action. Tom Huntley

Tight games enthral six-a-side players

THE six-a-side football grand final lived up to expectations.

Organisers said it would be a close game and on Thursday night the men's division one game saw just one point separate the winner and loser.

In the end, Red Shirts beat Cheesy Hippos 5-4.

Red Shirts player Garth Lawrie said it was a good, close game.

"They played well," Lawrie said.

"It was pretty tight."

Cheesy Hippos player Scott Rouse said the team was happy despite the loss as they were just a group of mates who created a team and were surprised to even make the final.

"It was a good game," Rouse said.

Referee Bruce Robinson said the game could have gone either way, and that both teams played well.

In the women's final, Meteorites beat BITS Ladies 5-0. Meteorites captain Jean Van Vegchel said it was a fast game from start to finish.

Yaralla Red beat Beam on Laser Cutting 4-1 in the men's division two.

Yaralla Red's Gordon Smith had a good game and said he was looking forward to the competition next year.

Finals results



Meteorites 5 - BITS Ladies 0

Men's Div 2

Beam on Laser Cutting 1 - Yaralla Red 4

Men's Div 1

Red Shirts 5 - Cheesy Hippos 4