The Tigers' Josh Reynolds was searched by police at a venue in Sydney’s Inner West. Picture: Ian Hitchcock/Getty Images
The Tigers' Josh Reynolds was searched by police at a venue in Sydney’s Inner West. Picture: Ian Hitchcock/Getty Images

Wests Tigers stars caught up in strip club drug raid

THE Wests Tigers have notified the NRL's integrity unit of a matter involving star playmakers Luke Brooks and Josh Reynolds while out last Saturday night.

Both Brooks and Reynolds reported themselves to the club this week after they were searched by police at a venue in Sydney's inner west.

"Reynolds and Brooks came to the club to make it aware of a situation they found themselves in on Saturday night," the Tigers said in a statement on Friday.

"The two players were at an Inner West venue with a larger group throughout the evening. During the night NSW Police conducted a search of the venue.

"NSW Police searched the entire group Reynolds and Brooks were with, and recorded the events, with both players remaining at the venue once Police left.

"Neither player has had any further contact with NSW Police since the event."

The off-season incident came just one day after the NRL threw the book at the Bulldogs over the club's Mad Monday disaster.

Canterbury has been slugged with a record $250,000 fine by the NRL while Bulldogs players have been charged by police and copped another $90,000 in sanctions for their Mad Monday antics.

NRL chief executive Todd Greenberg has sought to draw a line in the sand after images of Bulldogs players dancing naked on a pub balcony and passed out on the street delivered the code a black eye on the eve of the finals.

Luke Brooks was searched by police. Picture: Joel Carrett
Luke Brooks was searched by police. Picture: Joel Carrett

Adam Elliott, 23, and Asipeli Fine, 25, were both fined $25,000 by the club, with $10,000 suspended, after they were photographed nude on the balcony of the Harbour View Hotel in Sydney's The Rocks.

NSW Police confirmed that two men aged 23 and 25 have been issued with court attendance notices for wilful and obscene exposure and are due to face Downing Centre Local Court on October 24.

Marcelo Montoya - who was pictured having thrown up and passed out on the street - and Zac Woolford were also fined $10,000 by the club, half of which was suspended.

Police said a third man has been issued with an infringement notice for offensive conduct.

The hotel where the players ran amok has been hit with five penalty notices - two for permitting indecent behaviour and three for permitting intoxication on a licensed premises.

A police spokeswoman told AAP no further charges were expected.

Staff members including coach Dean Pay and football manager Gareth Holmes, who were present, will come under scrutiny as part of a club investigation.

Greenberg said he took a dim view of the incident given the event was organised by the club, and senior officials failed to stop the players from behaving boorishly.

"The club organised the event and failed to implement the most basic of measures to ensure it was conducted in an appropriate way," he said.

"The club's failure to manage the event followed specific directives to all clubs to ensure these type of events do not damage our game.

"The players' behaviour embarrassed themselves, their club and the game."

The NRL's $250,000 fine is the biggest handed down by Rugby League Central for player misbehaviour.

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