TV STAR: Member for Flynn Ken O'Dowd appeared on The Project on Monday night to discuss new Nationals leader and deputy prime minister Michael McCormack.
TV STAR: Member for Flynn Ken O'Dowd appeared on The Project on Monday night to discuss new Nationals leader and deputy prime minister Michael McCormack. Contributed

WATCH: O'Dowd takes on The Project host, 'ties him in knots'

FLYNN MP Ken O'Dowd reckons he got the better of The Project host Waleed Aly after appearing on the popular Channel 10 show on Monday night.

Mr O'Dowd was interview by The Project panel regarding new Nationals leader and Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack, and fielded questions from Aly, Carrie Bickmore and guest host Rachel Corbett.

The outspoken Nationals MP said the producers had wanted him to appear on the program for quite some time.

"They contacted my office and said they wanted me on the show. They'd been chasing me for two weeks," Mr O'Dowd said.

"We had the Barnaby (Joyce) issue and Michael (McCormack) had taken over so they had a few issues they wanted to talk about.

"More so about the relationship between the Nationals and the Liberals and how they thought it was getting a bit off-rail when Barnaby and Malcolm (Turnbull) had a bit of a set-to a couple of weeks ago."

Mr O'Dowd thought he handled the two-minute, 40-second interview well, particularly the questions asked by Aly who can be a polarising figure to some.

"You never know what they're going to ask you, they can say they'll ask this, but all of a sudden they'll throw you that curve ball so you've got to be ready for that too," he said.

"The people who saw it actually said you handled (Aly) well and tied him up in knots as well as he tried to tie you up in knots.

"I was pretty pleased with how it all worked out."

While Mr O'Dowd handled Aly seamlessly, the people in charge of subtitles for the program had a little more difficulty, with 'Ken O'Dowd' appearing as 'Ken McDude' on television screens.


Member for Flynn Ken O'Dowd with Small Business minister Michael McCormack speaking at Goondoon St.
Member for Flynn Ken O'Dowd with Michael McCormack speaking at Goondoon St in June last year. Matt Harris

After a testing month for the Coalition, Mr O'Dowd wants to see the Liberal National Party get back to the business of serving the people after a tumultuous couple of weeks for the party.

"I'm glad it's out of the way - it was very distracting and damaging at the same time - people didn't put us into parliament to waste our time on these matters," he said.

"What people want out there is jobs and making those jobs secure. We've initiated 420,000 jobs or 1100 jobs a day we've created in the last 12 months and that's what people are really upbeat about.

"75 per cent of those jobs are permanent jobs so that's good.

"Agriculture is a big thing because we need that to go forward with all our free trade agreements supplying a lot of people in the world.

"But those agriculture areas need water and water is a big issue I'll be speaking to Michael about.

"He's already been to the area a few times, like the Dawson River, and at the moment the Dawson River is in flood and this is where I want to see some of that water held back.

"Whether it be dams, weirs or on-farm storage and Michael McCormack really understands that."

Mr O'Dowd will speak to Mr McCormack about a number of issue affecting Flynn "once things settle down" and will look to bring the Deputy PM up to the electorate as soon as possible.