Run-off to change systems as tides flush out crab, prawn

Greg Crane holding up a Nannygai and a Red Emperor both 9kg for last week. Photo Contributed
Greg Crane holding up a Nannygai and a Red Emperor both 9kg for last week. Photo Contributed Contributed

WELL it certainly is nice to see some rain around the region but it comes with many hazards from storm cells and big tides as we approach the full moon lunar cycle.

The forecast really doesn't look too bad as far as wind predictions are concerned with the wind dropping out this morning and also again tomorrow morning.

On Sunday though, it would definitely pay to either off the water or at least in some shelter as it's predicted to come up to around the 30 north mark from the north later in the day as a front passes through and hopefully it'll bring more rain.

By Tuesday the run-off will change the whole dynamics of the systems in the region with prawns hopefully being flushed out of those creeks and I have no doubt that, on the low tides which are about to happen, the fresh will also push the crabs out of their normal hidey holes and into the creeks.

Good prawning and crabbing for the next week or so, I'd say.

It'll also push the bait fish out into the harbour and bigger systems like Rodds Bay, Seven Mile and Colosseum resulting in excellent fishing around the mouths of these areas.

Last weekend saw excellent conditions enabling many to venture out to the reef and their favourite fishing spot.

Mark Patton did just that last Thursday night testing out a couple of GPS marks which he tends to only fish a couple of times a year.

From 4.30am through til about 8am the fish really did come on and at one stage he saw something he has never seen and that was two decent trout on the same hook!

Sometimes you might get a couple fighting over a pilly on a gang of hooks but pretty uncommon to have both on a single hook.

Upon lifting them into the boat though both fish feel off the hook which just goes to show you that you need to keep the weight on them all the way into the boat.

They ended up with three solid cobia, a red, a few decent nanygai, and half a dozen trout, along with a few other reef species like cod, grassy sweetlip, and others.

Others slipped out to Sykes, Broomfield reefs and hardly caught a feed while others did manage to catch a feed but only just.

Coming up to Christmas its now time to plan your Christmas day feed whether it be prawns, some nice reef fish or some mackerel, crayfish, scallops or mudcrab.

Obtaining all these over the next few weeks will take a bit of planning and the obvious fun which goes with it.

The caravan park at Town of 1770 will be chokkas as will that whole region with campers, families in resorts, rented houses and in the motels.

Access to the reef from 1770 is very easy and many don't even have to go as far as the reef with so much good fishing to be had within 15 miles of the shore.

You might have to look around using your colour sounder and plotter but little bumps in the bottom, some only a metre high can yield some cracker fish, and all you have to do is find it.

Those fishing from Boyne and Tannum have very easy access to Seal Rocks, Jenny Lind bank and Colosseum, along with Rock Cod Shoals, only 23 miles out.

In Gladstone it's very close to slipping out around Facing, Curtis, and Rundle Islands where there is a myriad of species to target or maybe jump over the side with your trusty speargun, but keep an eye on where you are, in relation to the green zones and others with restricted use.

Once a year, I'd be throwing away that old zoning map, and putting a new one on the boat, so that there can be no mistake of where you are allowed to fish. It is so important, as recently there have been a few prosecutions for those who like to flout with the law.

The water police do have a very strong presence here in Gladstone along with Marine Parks and both are very mobile with a fleet of craft and resources of which they can and will use to access all parts of this region and coastline.

Do the right thing and you won't have anything to worry about.

Finally now is the time to check on the dates of those flares, and make sure your emergency kit is up to scratch relative to the vessel.

Have a great weekend and I look forward to some excellent fishing over the weekend.

Hooroo, Dags.