Gladstone Observer editor Rowan Hunnam loves being in the garden when she can find time.
Gladstone Observer editor Rowan Hunnam loves being in the garden when she can find time. Paul Braven

In my garden: Survival of the fittest in editor's patch

THIS week we talk gardening with Gladstone Observer editor Rowan Hunnam.

Name: Rowan HunnamOccupation: Editor of the Gladstone Observer.

How long have you been here? 7-8 months in this house. It's very cool to have a garden again after a few years without.

My last garden was on a hill top in the rainforest and before that I made a 40m long vegetable patch in the desert.

This one is more normal.

How would you describe your garden? Hmmm, independent. It needs to be, I don't give it a lot of attention. It's a bit ad hoc. I dug up half of the front lawn.

I've got a couple of fruit trees, papaya, and some nice vegetables - beans, aubergine, lettuce. I like useful flowers too.

What's the most delicious meal you have ever made using ingredients picked from your garden. Tell us how you made it.

Ha, great question. As you well know, I'm not great in the kitchen at the moment, but I do like using my kale.

It's good for pies, quiches, and poached.... is that poaching, where you put it in shallow water in a frying pan?

Some gardeners say the soil is varying in quality across the region with some yards being hard clay and difficult to grow in.

The soil out the back of my place is fantastic. I'd say it was brought in, but there are a few nice gardens on my street so I'm not sure.

I'll talk to my neighbours about it. Some are keen gardeners too, although the last time I saw one chap working in his garden was about 9pm at night.

He had a gas bottle and a blow torch and that's how he was getting rid of the weeds.

Who taught you about gardening? They'll argue I could have done a hell of a lot more to help out in the garden growing up, but my parents are both very good in the garden.

In semi-retirement they're probably spending 14 hours a day in theirs.