Three sickies in a row? Where's your note?

THREE sickies in a row then you need a note.

The Queensland Opposition is calling for a change in rules governing those who miss Parliamentary sittings, after exiled member for Redcliffe Scott Driscoll provided a medical certificate to Speaker Fiona Simpson on Monday.

The note is to excuse him for 12 parliamentary sitting days, understood to justify his absences up to this Thursday.

Mr Driscoll is not expected to attend Parliament during Budget sittings which begin on Tuesday.

Opposition Leader Annastacia Palaszczuk wrote to Ms Simpson to call for a change of policy.

Ms Palaszczuk said if three Parliamentary sitting days were missed, a "a detailed medical certificate" should be provided to the Speaker

Mr Driscoll has repeatedly claimed his absence was due to an illness faced by his wife.

Given that Parliament sits three days at a time, she said members would be given "an extra day" above what was expected of any other worker, who are often expected to supply a doctor's note after two days off.

Queensland members are able to miss up to 21 sitting days before the seat can be declared vacant.

Coming on the eve of the Queensland Government handing down its budget, Ms Palaszczuk said she would give a budget reply in Redcliffe if their local member remained missing in action.

Mr Driscoll was expelled from the LNP earlier this year amid allegations of wrongdoing involving associations in his electorate and questions over how he spent government funds.

Mr Driscoll has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing.