The team at Welcoming Intercultural Neighbours were
The team at Welcoming Intercultural Neighbours were "saddened” to discover three bags full of cans and bottles had been taken from their Inclusion Centre. Cordell Richardson

Three bags of cans and bottles disappear

THE team at Welcoming Intercultural Neighbours Gladstone were shocked to discover that three bags, ready to be taken to the container exchange centre, were missing from their Inclusion Centre last Monday.

The group collects drink containers to take to the Container Exchange centre, with proceeds going towards Welcoming Intercultural Neighbours projects.

On Friday, the group posted on Facebook saying they were "saddened” when they realised the bags had been taken.

"We work hard, deliver services that matter, activities that add value and welcome all people into our centre and the community,” the post said.

"These containers had been collected, donated, sorted, bagged and left at the back of our building by our hard working staff and volunteers while we arranged a vehicle to pick them up.

"We fundraise for the organisation, we rely on limited government and non government funding and all contributions go directly to the delivery of more community projects.”

"This is very sad and hurts us deeply.”

The Facebook post said that the group will continue to collect containers and anyone wishing to contribute can bring their eligible containers to 21 Off St, or by entering Scheme ID: 10002869 when taking their containers to a collection point.