Dave Wiedman shows a 2.1m brown snake caught at Murphys Creek. Photo Contributed
Dave Wiedman shows a 2.1m brown snake caught at Murphys Creek. Photo Contributed Contributed

Threats to 'kill and burn place down' prompted arrow shot

"HE SAID 'I've got something better than (a bow) in the car' and I honestly thought he was going to get a gun."

Those were the words that prompted David Gregory Wiedman to grab his son's bow and arrow and fire a shot that hit a man outside his home, according to his cross examination on Wednesday.

On the second day of the Toowoomba man's trial for a malicious act causing grievous bodily harm, Wiedman told the city's District Court Cameron Keith Boyd threatened to "burn the place down" and "kill everyone inside", causing Wiedman to fire the arrow.

That arrow left Boyd with a bloody six centimetre laceration on his chin.

Brave catcher wrangles brown snake: Dave Wiedman from Toowoomba Snake Catchers 24/7 catches a giant snake.

Accused Wiedman took the stand to defend his actions.

During cross-examination, he held the bow and demonstrated to the jury how it was shot into the face of his friend of five years.

Wiedman told the court Boyd made threats to a woman in his home, promptly left, then returned and punched the reptile breeder in the face through his screen door.

That punch, Wiedman claimed, is what sparked the Toowoomba man to fire "a warning shot" at Boyd in a bid to remove him from his property.

"I took the threat very seriously," he said.

"I told him to f--- off now, I was scared.

"I actually thought he was going to burn the place down, I was scared s---less basically."

Two police officers, a doctor and people inside the home at the time recalled under oath what they saw that night in September 2017.

A former partner of Wiedman's claimed she heard him say "I'm going to f------ kill you" during the melee.

Other witnesses, however, recounted how they moved to different areas of the house when the altercation by the front door began.

The house was full of snakes and a salt water crocodile.

One witness claimed he moved to the other side of the room and "kept his head down" as the altercation between Boyd and Wiedman became violent.

A senior constable in Toowoomba's Criminal Investigation Branch told the court under oath the bow and arrow was later found "secreted in the roof" when police arrived.

The court heard it was initially placed against the wall next to Wiedman's front door when the incident boiled over.

The trial before Judge Craig Chowdhury continues.