Sharlina Surdo with her son Riley.
Sharlina Surdo with her son Riley.

Thousands raised for little boy after mum’s death

A little boy with special needs could receive thousands of dollars after the Logan community rallied around him following the death of his mother in a car crash on Friday.

Sharlina Surdo, 29, died at Logan Village, about 11.15am when her vehicle veered off the road and hit a concrete drain and overturned.

The Holland Park mother leaves behind her young son, Riley, who struggles with a number of medical conditions, Ms Surdo's family said.

Now a fundraiser has been started with the aim of raising more than $1000 to help Riley in his time of need.

"Due to the loss of my sister Sharlina, we have had to take on her son Riley who is in highly care of medical needs and to get to and from appointments," Ms Surdo's sister Teanna Lopez said.

"Riley suffers from a lot of medical needs and follow ups and has some big medical procedures coming up soon, due to Sharlina leaving us it has made it very hard on the family to be able to come up with the funds towards these expenses which are of need to be carried out to get Riley into a new school and all their belongs moved to where they are now needed."

The money raised will also help fund Sharlina's memorial expense and to help treat rileys medical conditions and needs, Ms Lopez said.

In a post on Facebook, Ms Surdo's aunty Liza Clarke said she was an amazing mother.

"Sweet Sharlina my gorgeous niece, still in shock like everyone, can't believe that you have gone," Ms Clarke said.

"Taken way too soon, you were the most beautiful hearted girl and an amazing mum to Riley. 

"Will miss you and all the sweet thoughtful messages that you have sent to me along the way. RIP gorgeous Sheena, will love you forever."

The Forensic Crash Unit is investigating Ms Surdo's death.

Anyone with dashcam footage who was driving along Cable Creek Road between 11.10am and 11.20am is urged to contact police.