Mayoral challengers Andrew Antoniolli and Paul Tully.
Mayoral challengers Andrew Antoniolli and Paul Tully. Rob Williams

Almost $50K in donations to Antoniolli 'unreconciled': ECQ

ALMOST $50,000 in donations made to mayor Andrew Antoniolli are "unreconciled".

Electoral Commission of Queensland documents reveal just $5000 of Cr Antoniolli's $52,399 in donations have been reconciled.

Unreconciled gifts are those where one entity has not yet lodged a matching return, or the donor and recipient information do not match.

If a candidate discloses a donation and the donor fails to submit a corresponding return, the donation will appear as unreconciled.

A spokeswoman for ECQ said candidates had an obligation to disclose donations within prescribed timeframes, but they are not required to reconcile these.

"Under Queensland law, local government candidates are not required to inform donors of their legal obligation to disclose the donations they make, however the Commission encourages candidates to do so," she said.

The ECQ disclosure system shows most of Cr Antoniolli's donations are unreconciled.

Since the August by-election, $47,399 in donations have not been cleared.

All donations of fellow candidates Peter Robinson, Paul Tully and Gary Duffy have been reconciled.

Councillor Paul Tully's $36,635 in donations have been finalised as has Mr Duffy's $8949 in donations, all made by Cornelia Turni.

According to the disclosure system, candidates Jack Paff, Patricia Peterson, Brett Morrissey and Paul Rix did not receive donations.

Candidates are required to submit a disclosure return within seven business days for any donation that meets or exceeds the threshold amount.

On an unrelated matter, Cr Antoniolli remains suspended after he was charged with seven counts of fraud in May.

He denies wrongdoing and will stand trial in September.