SAVE THE DATE: Emily Norton, 5, having fun at last year's Captain Cook 1770 Festival.
SAVE THE DATE: Emily Norton, 5, having fun at last year's Captain Cook 1770 Festival. Mike Richards GLA260518FEST

This year's 1770 festival will have three new precincts

PREPERATIONS are full-speed-ahead to make this year's Captain Cook 1770 Festival a stunning affair.

Although the event is in May, the volunteer creative crew started planning just before Christmas.

Co-ordinator Bina Walker said the team of about 10 was tasked with creating a visual festival concept aligning with the theme Surf Soul Sound and bringing it to life.

"It seems to be a long time away but doing creative stuff takes quite a while,” Ms Walker said.

"We've got so many great ideas. We've got a concept and everything is ticked off and now we've got to work towards getting all these things done in time.

"So I guess the co-ordination is a big challenge and knowing what to do first.”

Ms Walker said this year's festival would have three exciting new elements: a soul garden, a fishing precinct and a surfing segment.

"A major project of ours is the soul garden (where) there will be a chill-out space and a wishing tree, massage, yoga tents, maybe reading tents, lantern making,” she said.

"And we will create a walking labyrinth.”

Another component covering the soul aspect of the festival is a "sound garden” made of natural materials, including coconuts.

Ms Walker said the fishing and surfing segments would resonate heavily with locals.

"It's great to have the fishing segment and the surfing precinct because that is a huge part of what attracts people to the town,” she said.

"We're creating all sorts of artwork on the surfboards and we're planning to use the surfboards throughout the whole festival area as signage.”

Ms Walker said the group was relying on recycled and donated materials for the projects and needed more volunteers as well as donations of items such as old surfboards, fabric and coconuts.

Anyone wanting to volunteer or donate should message the 1770 Festival Creative Crew Facebook page.