150-year-old halibut weighing twenty times normal caught

FOR years, it was the one that got away but a 150-year-old halibut's luck finally ran out after it was caught off the coast of Norway, weighing a whopping 197kg.

The giant fish is 20 times the average weight for the species and could feed more than 500 people.

The huge creature has been shipped to Hull in Yorkshire where fish merchant Dean Roberts has already had a lot of interest from restaurants desperate for a fillet of the record-breaking fish and he is hoping to fetch more than $2500 for the huge fish. "Halibut is a much sought-after fish," he said. "It's mainly a restaurant commodity. A lot of big restaurants in London sell it.'

After it is processed and filleted, the fish could bring more than $5000.

The huge fish is not quite as big as the largest halibut ever caught.

In July, German Marco Liebenow caught a 235kg whopper which took 90 minutes to reel the 2.74m fish towards the surface. It was too big to haul on to his small boat in Norway.

The previous largest halibut was caught in 2010 and weighed 220kg.