‘This is not a drill’: Council takes drastic measures


GOLD Coast public pools and libraries will close today as council weighs up closing the city's world-famous beaches.

Mayor Tom Tate told media this morning that council was ramping up its social distancing measures in a bid to slow the spread of coronavirus.

Cr Tate said the steps were necessary for public safety.

"This is not a drill. This is real and hygiene and social distancing are the key," he said.


Southport Aquatic Centre. Picture: Adam Head
Southport Aquatic Centre. Picture: Adam Head


"What we are doing on the Gold Coast is that we have close all gyms and sporting venues.

"A further directive to the CEO now that as of the end of today, swimming pools, indoor pools and aquatic centres will be closed.

"As for libraries, they will also be closing at the end of today.

'To all Gold Coasters out there, essential services water, waste, traffic management etc will continue. We have business continuity plan and that will continue.

"As for beaches, they will remain open for now but I say to Gold Coasters now, keep your distance.


Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate speaking this morning. Picture: Andrew Potts
Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate speaking this morning. Picture: Andrew Potts

"We have plenty of room but be respectful of distance and if you cannot do that, I will have to choice but to close it."

Cr Tate said council staff were working around the clock to complete the city's stimulus package.

He said it would include potentially suspending parking infringement notices, among other council charges

"I have now spoken to the CEO and all directors and (we are) looking at areas where we can waive the charges like tables and chairs and the like.

"I will bring forward all the decisions and initiatives tomorrow.

"But this will only be the first sweep there will be more initiatives to make sure our city is compassionate in this way.

"The city is in good shape fiscally in comparison to eight years ago so it (may) mean we do not may pay down further debt (this year) and borrow some to make sure service continue and that we can help those most in need."


Originally published as 'This is not a drill': Council takes drastic measures