RATIONS: Tahalia MacMillian weighing the amount of rice she will live on for a week.
RATIONS: Tahalia MacMillian weighing the amount of rice she will live on for a week. Mike Richards GLA290418RICE

This Glen Eden mum is living like a Syrian Refugee

TO some, Thalia MacMillan's new diet of rice, beans, tofu and chickpeas seems a bit extreme, but the Glen Eden mother says it's all for a good cause.

The 23-year-old has been an advocate for helping refugees since her teens and now she's taking on the challenge to eat like one. It's all part of the Act for Peace charity fundraiser.

For a week starting from June 17, Thalia will live on limited rations whilst her family and friends enjoy hot steak dinners and treats.

Her rations for the week include 400g rice, 100g lentils, a can of beans, block of tofu and 120 dried chickpeas.

Thallia has raised $120 for the Act for Peace charity's Ration Challenge and is now calling on Gladstone to help her get to her goal of $1000.

"I've been following The Act for Peace charity for years and the Ration Challenge is sort of the new 40hour Famine, but instead of starving yourself you're given a few similar things that the refugees in Jordan would have,” she said.

"In the town of Jordan, the refugees who can't live in their own towns are very limited to food. It's as close to I can get to putting myself in their shoes.

"My household consists of four adults and my 19-month-old baby and we all eat well.

"I think the biggest challenge will be at dinner time when my family sits down to juicy steaks and I've got a few beans and some rice ... this will be tough.”

The aspiring beautician said she plans to create a daily video log on social media to record her progress.

"My husband Benjamin said he's not too happy about being around an angry person and my friends think I'm nuts, but I'm excited to do it.

"The hardest part is getting people to understand how bad the refugees' lives really are.

"I think when you tell people you're supporting the refugees in Syria they instantly have a negative thought about it. But I'm a young mum and I couldn't imagine being in their position and living like that.

"My weekly grocery shop is what they spend in a whole year on food which could be about $200.”

Tahlia said she's coming up with recipes for her limited rations of rice and beans.

"Not many ways you can fry beans or make rice,” she said.

Visit https://my.rationchallenge.org.au/tahlia-mcmillan to help support the mum.