Cane toads have made their way onto Great Keppel Island
Cane toads have made their way onto Great Keppel Island

Third toad at Great Keppel this week has residents on alert

RESIDENTS at Great Keppel Island plan to set traps and use lights to determine how many cane toads have made their way onto the island after residents confirmed a third toad had been found this week.

Island Pizza Shop owner Gerry Christie said residents found a large cane toad on the island on Tuesday night, the third in the past week.

"It's a real worry. The one we got last night was a big one," he said yesterday.

Until this week, there had only been one unconfirmed sighting of a cane toad on GKI, about a year ago.

It was reported to be huge and seen near Keppel Haven.

"Until you see it with your own eyes, it's just rumours," Mr Christie said.

"All we can do is put a bunch of traps out and lights and see what happens.

"If we leave it until after the rain, they'll start breeding.

"Putting traps out will give us an indication of numbers."

The sighting comes on the back of a strong Christmas and New Year tourism season at Great Keppel with businesses reporting increased visitor numbers, up from last year.

Mr Christie said the boats came when the weather was good.

Keppel Island Holiday Village reported a longer season than last year and has been fully booked since Christmas.

"Hopefully we'll remain fully booked until after Australia Day if the sun shines," owner Geoff Mercer said.

"It's been a real blessing; we're all thankful for the sunshine."

Mr Mercer had heard no news of an announcement on the future of GKI since Environment Minister Tony Bourke visited late last year.