Member for Gladstone Glenn butcher is urging people to stay home over Easter
Member for Gladstone Glenn butcher is urging people to stay home over Easter

‘Think again’: MP says stay home for Easter

EASTER is traditionally a time for people to travel, whether to spend time with extended family or just to get away, but residents are being urged to stay home this year.

Member for Gladstone Glenn Butcher said the region had done well over the last month in relation to Covid-19.

“My huge concern over this Easter period is that people will become lax and either travel to a location outside of Gladstone and return, potentially bringing back the virus,” Mr Butcher said.

“Or if people get family or friends visiting, they could potentially be bringing the virus to Gladstone.”

Mr Butcher said people thinking of having friends or family from outside the region come to visit should “think again”.

“If you are travelling outside of Gladstone to visit friends or family to go on a holiday, forget about it,” he said.

“Stay at home and stay safe.”

Mr Butcher said there was still plenty of opportunity to have a special Easter.

“I’ve seen a lot of people stoking up their little backyard campfires and having a family sit around,” he said.

“And marshmallows and having a beer and a barbecue and doing roasts.”

This Easter is different amid the coronavirus pandemic but Mr Butcher encouraged people to spend it as they normally would.

“But spend it as yourselves with your own family in your own home,” he said. “This isn’t an Easter holiday, this is an Easter stay at home.

“Next year when this is all over, we’ll be back to normal.”