Gladstone footballer Ty Morissey and two mates who robbed a pizza shop have been sentenced.
Gladstone footballer Ty Morissey and two mates who robbed a pizza shop have been sentenced. Rachael Conaghan

Thieves wielding machete and knife get a pizza prison time

THREE amigos who decided after a drinking session to rob a pizza shop have been condemned for preying on "vulnerable” staff.

Former Gladstone man Ty Ronald Morrissey, Jordan Ethan Ryan and Robert Wayne Thomas robbed Domino's Bracken Ridge in October last year.

They took $285 - enough to buy 16 of the chain's premium pizzas.

Morrissey and Ryan, both 23 now, went in with a knife and machete, Brisbane District Court heard on Monday.

Getaway driver Thomas, also 23, waited outside nearby in a car on Sunday October 16.

CCTV footage played in court showed Morrissey and Ryan leaping over the counter.

At one point, a customer walked in, appeared to look ahead as the chaos unfolded, and walked out.

Prosecutors said Morrissey had a 30cm long knife. He pushed the head of a Domino's staffer during the robbery.

Judge Brendan Butler said Ryan was an "enthusiastic” participant in what would have been a terrifying robbery.

"The people who work in these stores in our community during the night time deserve to be protected,” Judge Butler said.

He said "vulnerable businesspeople” working night shifts at pizza joints provided a popular service.

Morrissey's barrister Doug Wilson said the heist was amateurish.

The group had various problems with alcohol or drugs - especially ice.

Morrissey previously appeared in Gladstone Magistrates Court after punching a neighbour who objected to the racket coming from a house Morrissey was at.

In February last year, he was given nine months jail for that Boyne Island assault.

Judge Butler told the Gladstone man it was crucial he stay off drugs.

The robber said he could, if he "cut ties with everyone that has anything to do with it”.

"I think that's a good first step,” Judge Butler said. "Ultimately you'll be released on parole.”

Morrissey was given four years jail but will be eligible for parole in one year.

Ryan faced other charges, including multiple bail breaches.

A fraud charge came after Ryan argued with a former partner and used her bank card without permission.

"His problem has been the drugs,” Ryan's defence barrister Robert Gordon said.

Ryan was given 3 years, 3 months jail but with a parole release date of April 30 next year.

Thomas's barrister Angus Edwards said his client was kicked out of the family home because of ice abuse.

"He became homeless. He was living in his car and sleeping on people's couches.”

That was his lifestyle for three months before the robbery, Mr Edwards said.

But he was now trying to make amends and had family support, the barrister added.

Thomas was given an immediate parole release. Parole will last two years.