Therese Rein
Therese Rein

Therese Rein tells: My Kevin's misunderstood

PRIME Minister Kevin Rudd's wife says it is difficult watching someone you love being misrepresented and vilified.

Therese Rein told Brisbane radio her husband's core values were compassion and fairness, that to suggest his opinion shifts on climate change and gay marriage related to core values was misguided.

She said it was not unusual for people to re-evaluate their views on issues as they matured, got new information and they adjusted to a changing world.

When ABC's Steve Austin asked Ms Rein about the most misunderstood issues in her husband's election campaign, she said suggestions the economy was in trouble were rubbish.

"The thing that's most wrong about the current narrative is that the economy is in trouble," she said.

Ms Rein said Mr Rudd pored over how to prevent the Global Financial Crisis hitting our shores, studying what went wrong during the Great Depression and how governments reacted.

She said his government's stimulus package stopped Australia going into recession.

"This is the man who, during the global financial crisis, absolutely worked his guts out to understand what went wrong during the Great Depression," she said.

"He worked tirelessly to find out what alternative responses might have worked - that's why he went with a stimulus package, rather than an austerity package.

"The day before those stimulus cheques landed ... you could've fired a cannon through those shopping centres and not hit anyone.

"The day those stimulus cheques landed, the women of Australia went shopping. And the blokes.

"That provided an immediate (impact) and stopped people losing their jobs.

"Hundreds of thousands of people didn't lose their jobs and hundreds of thousands of businesses didn't need to shut."

Ms Rein also shed some light about the leader when he is at home.

Does he do the dishes? Yes and he makes cups of tea.

He has always ironed his own shirts.

No he can't cook but neither can Ms Rein, she confessed.