Bored? Don't be, there’s plenty to do in Gladstone

RECENTLY I was shocked to hear someone whine, "There's nothing to do in Gladstone. It's so boring here."

I would have said something, but I had far too much going on to waste time listening to somebody moaning.

In the past few months the Bray Family has attended, joined in, and in some cases missed out on, stage spectaculars, the HookUp, hot rod shows, the drags, fetes, fairs, balls, race days, the Mt Larcom show, expos, plays, bands, art shows, and any events offering free food or drinks.

Honestly, unless you're bedridden or in solitary confinement, how on earth could you be bored?

Why, just last weekend you could have risked blisters and sleep deprivation in the Relay for Life, before limping over to the Multicultural Festival for some yummy ethnic treats.

If public occasions aren't your thing there's always fishing, crabbing, exploring walking and cycling trails, visiting parks and beaches, museums, camping, art galleries, and numerous clubs clamouring for your attention, eg: bushwalking, canoeing, sporting, war gaming, art and craft, writing, music, speech, drama, genealogy, dancing, stamp collecting, chess, sky diving etc.

To break up the monotony, why not select any two of the above hobbies and try doing them at the same time?

Or, perhaps you could join one of Gladstone's many community charity groups?

All of them will gratefully welcome your cheerful and enthusiastic assistance, and the last thing you'll be is bored; exhausted perhaps, but definitely not bored.

If these fail to cure your chronic case of the 'blahs', then un-Velcro yourself from your lounge chair, and pop round to Bray Manor where Long Suffering Wife will happily give you 'something to do in Gladstone'; a long list of jobs to knock over while we're out and about enjoying ourselves.

Comment below on what your favourite activities are in Gladstone!

If you have an event coming up that you want to share with the community make sure you add it to The Observer's calendar by visiting here.