The Curtis Island site.
The Curtis Island site.

There's plenty going on at GLNG

NOW that Gladstone is officially the direct investment capital of the world, it’s time again to show you the money.

Investment in our newest industry, at around the $50 billion mark, makes LNG the biggest game in town but it can be hard to gauge the scope of the development from the mainland.

Rest assured, there’s plenty going on.

GLNG regional manager Gary Scanlan said with work proceeding apace on the project site, the Materials Offtake Centre was ramping up to cope with the huge range of bulk materials, break bulk cargo and personnel required for construction of the gas liquefication plant and export facility.

Logistics facilities at Port Central, Fisherman’s Landing and RG Tanna Coal Terminal transfer multiple loads of anything from sands and gravel, gear, vehicles personnel and up to two megatonnes of water a day to the GLNG site positioned “third from the left” for an observer looking from Friend Point.

The greenfield site and permitting conditions mean proponents need to bring absolutely everything with them.

About 1000 self-contained workers accommodation units are in the process of being transferred to the island with workers expected to move in stages from December.

GLNG’s “Pioneer” camp should be finished by April 2012.

GLNG’s next-door neighbour, QGC, is a little further advanced with all land-clearing complete and early works are starting at the most northerly site occupied by APLNG.

There’s nothing to see yet at Arrow Energy’s project completing the line-up at the most southerly site.