There's nothing to do in Gladstone?? Please

ANYONE who says there is nothing to do in Gladstone is telling porkies.

A few weeks ago my daughter, son-in-law and two granddaughters aged six and four came to Gladstone for a week-long visit.

And we found that we had them out and about in our fair region every day.

The Gladstone Aquatic Centre's Splash Zone was a great hit with the kids - and their parents.

And even granddad felt the full force of the water experience as he wandered around to the end of the water slide to take a photo, and was drenched when the big bucket decided it was time to empty.

Fortunately my phone was still in my pocket and didn't suffer any damage.

A trip to Agnes Water and Seventeen Seventy was another favourite for us all.

We had a great swim in the estuary at Seventeen Seventy, followed by a fantastic lunch at The Tree, followed by a visit to the surf beach where sandcastles were the game of the afternoon.

Lake Awoonga is a truly special place for us, and we took the family there one afternoon where all but the oldies had another swim.

And we watched the pelicans make their way across the lake. It's such a peaceful spot during the week.

Of course, the marina playground and Spinnaker Park were high on our agenda.

Both were enjoyed by the visitors as we played on the play equipment and watched the massive coal loaders filling the equally massive ships.

We were lucky to be able to go out to Tina and Pete Janssen's Safe Haven in Mt Larcom, where the almost one-year-old wombat Ruby delighted the kids by licking their shoes.

Young Maddy's talk to the school class when she got back home was a delight to read as she explained how her favourite was the baby glider, which had been born a couple of days earlier.

We also went on the coffee cruise around the harbour, visited the Tondoon Botanic Gardens and, of course, a trip to Tannum Sands, for a swim.

Don't you ever let anyone tell you there's nothing to do in our region!