There’s some lazy or stupid folks out there in Gladstone

IT CAN'T just be stupidity, can it?

Can a dozen people a year really think it's okay to fill one builder's rubbish skips with their junk?

When you take into account other builders, it's probably closer to a dozen people every weekend.

Each irresponsible act costs a builder hundreds of dollars.

Absolute Homes owner John O'Sullivan said he's been left with a $72,000 bill in just 12 months.

Mr O'Sullivan puts it down to laziness.

But not just that - it's a failure to take responsibility for your own rubbish and for how your actions affect other people.

Then we come to our story on the incredible discovery of a dumped meth lab in Gladstone's busiest industrial business centre.

It's a sign of just how close to the surface illegal and dangerous crime has come in Gladstone.

As for dumping the evidence in someone else's bin?

Maybe in that case, it is just plain stupidity.