EVERY now and again my son will turn the TV on and there's The Wiggles, dancing and singing in all their primary colour glory.

Usually he'll then walk away, often leaving the TV on. Before I've had time to cross the room and turn it off I have observed the Yellow Wiggle, Emma dancing, singing and signing her heart out.

Yesterday my son turned it on and there she was drumming!

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Is there anything the Yellow Wiggle can't do? Not only is she beautiful, graceful and engaging, she can dance, sing, sign, harmonise, do the splits and play musical instruments.

Okay so I possess a few of those talents - okay, only one - I can play the piano.

Let's just say I'm yellow with envy.

Keep up the good work Emma!

When in the land of the royals............... 👑🎶💛💜⭐️ #dialeforemma @lachy_wiggle

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