Caitlyn in action recording a podcast at the studio in Toowoomba.
Caitlyn in action recording a podcast at the studio in Toowoomba.

Theodore mum the voice behind successful rural podcast

From a studio in the small town of Theodore, Caitlyn Hewitt's podcast is heard across the world and has been downloaded more than 100,000 times in 13 countries.

The mother of one was driving home one day listening to the radio and started to think about all of the people who made up the rural industry.

With a desire to share their stories, she came up with the From The Saddle podcast.

The first episode was recorded at the Paradise Lagoons Campdraft in April 2019 and by August she had released her first episode.

The podcast features stories from rural Australia from horses trainers to drovers, graziers and more from all corners of the country.

It's about sharing their stories and the history that will never be told unless they are asked to share them.

Part of Caitlyn's inspiration came from her husband, who is a third generation farmer, and his family.

Inspiration of the podcast, Allan Hewitt
Inspiration of the podcast, Allan Hewitt

Hearing all of the tales over the years, Caitlyn wanted a way her son could hear the stories as well.

'They are just a piece of history, in years to come for their families, grandchildren and great grandchildren to hear their stories," she said.

The episodes have varied across diverse group of people.

"We have interviewed well known campdrafters, your average Australian, your pioneers," Caitlyn said.

One of their most popular episodes was about Lach McClymont, who appeared on the ABC production The Outback Ringer.

Other big interviews have included Pony Club Queensland patron Grace Brodie, Birdsville Race Club's Gary Brook, 'Australia's most colourful and capable man around the cowboy shutes' Wayne McLennan, jockey of 'Miss Petty' Charlie Prow, APRA boss Shane Iker, godfather of campdrafter Terry Hall and horseman Vic Gough.

The interviews aren't structured and are produced to sound like a real and raw conversation.

"I wanted it to sound like you were sitting around the fire with them at a campdraft, or just having a beer," Caitlyn said.

It can take a bit of convincing to get the guests on board, particularly the older generation as they don't believe they have done anything special.

"I find once they start talking, they love to share their story and they are genuinely proud someone is asking," Caitlyn said.

Theodore mum Caitlyn Hewitt founded and hosts a podcast From The Saddle.
Theodore mum Caitlyn Hewitt founded and hosts a podcast From The Saddle.

The podcast has had great success in America, with 6,000 downloads there in one month alone.

As the founder of the podcast, Caitlyn also has the help of Kay Becker and Scott Keogh in hosting, Joe Maloney does the audio work and Jess Howard helps behind the scenes.

With two seasons and a feature series under their belt, season three is about to be launched next month.

"We are continuing to be diverse with guests, we really want to be a voice for rural Australia," Caitlyn said.

"The rural industry cops such flack socially, we are a chance to unearth the untold stories out there and positive voice for rural Australia."


Third season launches May 2 with episodes dropping weekly

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