Gladstone Courthouse, Yarroon Street.
Gladstone Courthouse, Yarroon Street. Brenda Strong

'Their life will be over': Teen gets bitter taste of adult court

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A 17-YEAR-OLD man who never faced an adult court before quickly realised the severity of his actions when he was denied bail and remanded in custody by a Gladstone Magistrate.

The teenager with a juvenile history of drug use and assaults had been in custody since November 27 after a verbal argument with his mother went south and left two strangers injured and a window smashed.

On Friday Gladstone Magistrates Court heard the defendant suffered from anger management issues and an ice and marijuana addiction, as well as ADHD.

Police prosecutor Gavin Reece told the court after the defendant took his anger out on two real estate employees who confronted him for smashing their shop window, he yelled "their life (would) be over if (he saw) them again".

At a previous mention earlier this week, the court was told the defendant had run toward and thrown punches at the first victim.

The court was told the victim missed the hits and then grabbed hold of the defendant and pushed him to the ground, causing the defendant to injure his ribs.

Mr Reece said that in the struggle the defendant bit the victim on his chest, breaking his skin and causing the victim to let go of the defendant.

Mr Reece said the defendant allegedly ran toward a female victim, grabbed her and threw her head first to the ground.

He said the defendant made verbal threats as well, and said "I don't care if I stab someone ... I'll do it to anyone".

But defence lawyer Scott Moon told the court the thought of an adult jail was "terrifying" his client and heavily outweighed his uncontrollable anger.

"He was in tears at the watchhouse," he said.

Mr Moon tried to persuade Magistrate Melanie Ho to release the defendant from custody on a non-contact clause with the two victims.

"He doesn't know these people, he's got no reason to go back (there)," he said.

"If he was to put one foot out of line it would be picked up exceptionally quickly."

But Ms Ho stressed there was no guarantee to avoid the risk to the witnesses if the teen was to stay in this jurisdiction.

"He bashes people who do the wrong thing by him," she said.

The defendant was remanded in custody and the matter was adjourned to December 14 for Legal Aid.