A house in Kaimkillenbun was burnt to the ground overnight.
A house in Kaimkillenbun was burnt to the ground overnight.

‘The worst I’ve ever seen’: House destroyed in tragic fire

GORDON Ashelford has volunteered for the Rural Fire Service for over 20 years and seen many devastating fires.

But the fire that destroyed a home on Old Bunya Rd in Kaimkillenbun on Monday morning was the worst he's ever seen.

Emergency services were called close to 1am on Monday to a house fire in the town just north of Dalby.

Little survived the tragic fire, however the tenant managed to escape uninjured.

Mr Ashelford was one of the first responders along with the Kaimkillenbun RFS, and was stunned at the sight.

"By the time we got here, everything was well alight," he said.

"It was all pretty much gone, so all we could do was contain it from going further down the paddock."

Investigators are unsure of what caused the fire, but a Queensland Fire and Emergency Services spokesman told News the fire was contained by 3am.

Inspecting the remains of the house on Monday afternoon, Mr Ashelford said the house was just another casualty in a string of fires plaguing the state.

"You don't really expect these kinds of things,"

"Too many fires. We've seen a couple of house fires, but a house fire is a house fire."