'World's gone mad':Woman ordered out of long shirt in France

WHAT is this world coming to?

A woman was ordered out of a long-sleeved shirt in Nice, France, this week.

Why? Because it bore too close a resemblance to a burkini, which has been now been outlawed in France.

For her sun-safe attire, the woman was also fined for not wearing "an outfit respecting good morals and secularism".

The world's gone mad.

Not too long ago in the Western world, wearing too little at the beach would have been a scandalous offence.

Now it's a case of the smaller the bikini the better, but if you wear something modest, watch out.

I was surprised by the emotional reaction I had to seeing the woman forced to remove her attire - it couldn't really be called a burkini - in front of everyone at the beach.

My heart went out in sympathy for her.

She had done nothing wrong.

I imagined her embarrassment and anger at the proof that her society does not really accept her.

Now let me ask you: what kind of behaviour is more likely to create terrorism in a society?

Is it behaviour that accepts and embraces other people and their culture, or embarrasses and shames them for it? You be the judge. Join the conversation and tell us what you think below.