The Fraser Coast could be at risk as a bushfire crisis engulfs the state.
The Fraser Coast could be at risk as a bushfire crisis engulfs the state. Cody Fox

'The whole place is a tinderbox': Firefighter's warning

PINPOINTING the Fraser Coast's fire danger zones in this weather is impossible for Craig Smith.

The first officer at Aldershot Fire Brigade said the entire region was a "tinderbox" thanks to a combination of high temperatures, low rainfall and strong winds.

His grim warning comes as firefighters continue to battle blazes in Taunton, Stanthorpe, Ballandean and the Sunshine Coast.

Fireys are on high alert for potential blazes on the Fraser Coast as dry conditions and high wind speeds continue.

Because of the dire conditions, Mr Smith urged locals to ensure their bushfire plans were ready in case of an emergency.

He advised against activities such as welding and grinding.

"(It's) so not to ignite a spark," Mr Smith said.

"The whole place is a tinderbox, so when these things happen we try to get out there and knock it over.

"But I couldn't pinpoint one area.

"At the end of the day, being prepared makes our lives easy... (it's) not realistic to expect fireys knocking at your door when a blaze happens."

Councillor Rolf Light, chairman of the Local Disaster Management Group, said plans were in place in the case of a bushfire threat on the Fraser Coast.

He said the group met regularly and the council was ready to provide support if there was a damaging blaze, including evacuating areas, as well as providing disaster updates and any necessary resources.

Cr Light said given the warm weather, drought conditions and strong wind, firefighters across the state were right to be concerned.

"We're not quite as bad as some other areas," he said.

"We can only plan for the worst and hope for the best.

"We will provide assistance on request, we have those resources ready to go."

Cr Light said while western areas of the Fraser Coast were quite dry, it was difficult to single out one part of the region more at risk of bushfires.

"The whole Fraser Coast is at potential risk, no one area could be singled out," he said.

Cr Light said in a perfect world, more fire reduction would be carried out, but it was challenging given the limited resources available and the specific weather conditions necessary for it to be carried out.

He said home owners needed to take responsibility for ensuring their own land was as ready as possible for a bushfire emergency.

"Home maintenance is a huge thing," he said.

That included clearing any flammable rubbish, keeping gutters clear of debris and ensuring a good hose was on hand, Cr Light said.

He said anyone who was unprepared needed to leave their homes.

Cr Light said the conditions Queensland was experiencing were vastly different to past bushfire seasons.

"We're experiencing fire weather similar to the southern states," he said.

"We're not seeing normal Queensland fire behaviour.

"There's a drought, it's dry. The wind is huge."