Alpha (Samantha Morton) in The Walking Dead.
Alpha (Samantha Morton) in The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead return looks explosive

The Whisperers could tear themselves apart with a leadership challenge when The Walking Dead returns today.

Fans have been eagerly waiting for the second half of season 10, with a new episode hitting streaming on Foxtel Now every Monday from today.

The mask-wearing faction, lead by Alpha (Samantha Morton), began to show signs of strain in the first half of season 10.

As Alpha broke down over losing her daughter Lydia to the allied communities, Beta (Ryan Hurst) was visibly shaken.

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Alpha (Samantha Morton) in The Walking Dead.
Alpha (Samantha Morton) in The Walking Dead.

Things were made worse when Alpha decided to give Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) a chance to prove himself and join The Whisperers, ignoring the pleas of Beta to kill him on the spot.

Beta feared Negan would end up betraying them further down the line and didn't want to take the risk, but he was ultimately shot down.

In a new teaser video ahead of the hugely popular AMC drama's return, we see more footage of Negan acclimatising to his new way of life among the group.

The clips are interspersed with comments from the cast and production team, who offer fresh insights into the dynamic - and tease new tensions forming.

Show boss Angela Kang begins: "Everything is in question, borders have been crossed, the truce has never been truly a truce and that's all going to come to a head.

"The first half of the season we saw a cold war approach - in the second half that really gets hot."

Meanwhile executive producer Denise Huth stressed that Negan's role among The Whisperers was still up in the air.

"Negan is with them now, that could still go a lot of different ways," she noted.

Morton admitted that The Whisperers were less unified than ever.

Discussing the wider dynamic, she explained: "Everything gets ramped up to a very heightened degree of fear, anxiety and suspense. Ultimately it gets strained and really nailbiting."

Elsewhere Morgan said of his character's motives: "You just don't know where he sits with any of it. Negan and Alpha together are a formidable twosome."

Hurst warned that Beta could only be pushed so far before becoming disillusioned and turning on Alpha.

The gang. Picture: Foxtel
The gang. Picture: Foxtel

"Beta doesn't trust (Negan) at all, he has an innate sense of who he's going to find allegiance with and who he's not," he chipped in.

"At what point is it going to get too much for Beta to follow Alpha?"

The new video come after AMC released the official episode titles and plot descriptions for the next two episodes of The Walking Dead.

They promised a bloody siege of Alexandria as Alpha takes her brutal command of The Whisperers to new extremes.

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