Viewers slam ‘arrogant’ Voice contestant


A contestant on The Voice made it clear she wasn't in the mood to chat after all four coaches chose not to turn their chairs for her.

Kirrah Amosa sang Let You Love Me by Rita Ora on last night's episode and had a tense exchange with the coaches as they tried to give her constructive feedback.

"I can see you're heartbroken," Delta Goodrem said to the contestant. "Tell me about your feelings."

"I'm still a bit nervous but I actually feel really good," Ms Amosa said.

None of the coaches turned for Kirrah.
None of the coaches turned for Kirrah.

"Here's the takeaway from the reason why I didn't turn," Goodrem continued. "You obviously have a talent, it's all there. But … you don't have to be loud to be heard, let people come to you. Be confident enough to be able to stand there with your beautiful voice … and just find that space 'cause being louder doesn't necessarily mean that we hear you."

Ms Amosa stared at Goodrem intensely after the feedback before Guy Sebastian chimed in with, "I'm sensing there's a little wall up right now".

"I feel like maybe you were pushing because when you sing you're trying to prove a point," he said.

"Um, I would have loved for you to turn around but you know, there's a reason that you didn't," Ms Amosa replied.

Kirrah was not loving the feedback.
Kirrah was not loving the feedback.


The coaches could sense Kirrah wasn’t listening to what they were saying.
The coaches could sense Kirrah wasn’t listening to what they were saying.

Kelly Rowland tried to encourage Ms Amosa to listen to the feedback, saying, "The truth is you're up on that stage because you want to sing so … we're not here to bark at you or anything, we're here to hopefully have this be a learning experience. I hope that you take something from this."

A dismissive Ms Amosa replied, "Um … the sun is still gonna come up tomorrow, so …"

The contestant's attitude clearly annoyed Goodrem who said, "I don't feel like you're listening to any of our advice."

And with that Ms Amosa awkwardly left the stage and had a crack at the coaches in her exit interview.

"Just because four people don't like the way I sounded that time doesn't mean seven billion other people won't," she said to the camera. "If they don't like me it's not my problem."

The Voice will return on Sunday night at 7pm on Channel 9