CLEAR THE COMMUTE: Traffic congestion on the Bruce Highway.
CLEAR THE COMMUTE: Traffic congestion on the Bruce Highway. John McCutcheon

The traffic problem you can't ignore - have your say

I WANT to talk about the problem you can't ignore.

The one that slows you down, darkens your mood and steals your time away from the things and the people you love. I'm talking about congestion. It's as irritating as the word itself sounds, and it's even more infuriating than the blocked nose variety.

Being stuck in traffic is not a new issue, it's not isolated to cities, and no amount of stress or tears behind the wheel will ever fix it. But your voice can make a difference.

We're listening and we're calling on you, through our Red Spot Congestion Survey, to tell us about the problem roads in your region that continually put a handbrake on your life along with the rest of the economy's productivity.

Whether it's a set of traffic lights taking too long to change, delays at a rail crossing, or something completely different - we want to know what keeps you waiting.

It's easy to sit back and do nothing, or simply find comfort in knowing you're one of so many facing this same issue every day, but we live in Queensland! We're famous for our relaxed way of life - so we shouldn't accept congestion, let alone ignore it.

Participate in RACQ's Red Spot Congestion Survey by heading to the RACQ website and let's clear up our commute.